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Street address
5a Barrack St
Hobart TAS 7000

Phone business hours (03) 6223 1055
Phone after hours  (03) 6165 2361
Fax (03) 6223 1245
Email admin@barrackstreet.com.au (not be used for appointments)

Patient feedback

We appreciate your feedback so please let us know what we do well and where we could improve. From time to time we’ll invite you to complete a confidential survey about how we can continue to improve our services.

If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive from our Practice, please let us know right away.

Please also feel free to speak to your doctor, the Practice Manager or the Reception Supervisor about any issues you may have.

Please be advised that this email address is only for feedback about your medical centre. We are not able to answer enquiries for doctors or book appointments through this form.  For these enquiries, please phone the medical centre

If you have a complaint that you feel cannot be dealt with by the Practice, you may wish to contact:

The Health Complaints Commission
Ground Floor
99 Bathurst Street
Phone 1800 001 170
Email: health.complaints@ombudsman.tas.gov.au