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General practices in Australia operate as small businesses. Payment is made on a fee-for-service basis and eligible patients are supported in paying their medical costs through the Australian Government’s Medicare program. The income generated by your doctor pays for the operating costs of the practice including utilities, staff wages, consumables and building maintenance.

Barrack Street Practice is not a Bulk Billing practice, however, we will routinely bulk bill patients in the following groups:

  • Patients holding a [Blue] Pensioner Concession Card who are 70 years of age and older
  • Children under 12 years of age
  • DVA Gold Card holders
  • DVA White Card holders (specific conditions)

If you do not fall into the above categories we are not obliged to Bulk Bill you.

Patients who are in receipt of a current Commonwealth Health Concession Card but do not fall within the above criteria will pay a “Concession” fee. This means that you will have to pay for your consultation on the day but once the Medicare Rebate is paid you will not be out of pocket anymore than $20.00 for any consultation.

If you have a current Commonwealth Health Concession Card you will be asked to present this card when attending a consultation in order to be billed at the concession rate. If we do not have details of a current card on record or it cannot be produced you will be required to pay our normal “Pay on the Day” fee.

Our current fees

Please Note: New Fees came into effect on Monday the 2nd September 2019

Full Fee
(Acct taken)

Your Co-Payment Amount

Pay on the Day
(Discount Applied)

Your Co-Payment

Concession Fee

Your Co-Payment Amt

Medicare Rebate

Standard Consult - Item 3








Standard Consult - Item 23








Long Consult - Item 36








Prolonged Consult - Item 44








Private patients

Private patients are required to pay for their consultation in full on the day of their consultation. If paid for on the day a discount will apply. If necessary, an account can be issued, however, our full fee will apply and no discounts will be available. We accept cash, cheques and have EFT facilities for debit and credit cards. We do not accept AMEX or Diners.

If you are having difficulty paying your fees, please talk to your doctor or to the Practice Manager. We would prefer to work out a mutually agreeable payment arrangement before it becomes an issue for you.

Privately billed consultations

The following consults will be billed privately:

  • worker’s compensation
  • third-party claims
  • pre-employment medicals
  • patients not registered with Medicare Australia, and
  • all overseas visitors.

Overdue Accounts

It is the policy of Barrack Street Practice for patients to settle their account on the day of their consultation. We understand that occasionally that this doesn't happen and that account payments can subsequently be overlooked. If your account with us remains unpaid after 30 days we will send you a reminder. Should accounts remain unpaid beyond a 30 day period a letter of demand will be forwarded requesting immediate full payment of the outstanding amount. If the account is still outstanding after 90 days we will contact you again and further non-payment may result in the listing of You will be required to settle all outstanding amounts before making any further appointments. Accounts that remain unpaid beyond 30 days will attract an administration fee for each month that the account remains unpaid. the debt with our recovery agents.

PLEASE NOTE: Barrack Street Practice uses Tasmanian Collection Service to follow up on payments on overdue accounts.

Failure to Attend Appointments

We understand that sometimes patients forget or other urgent matters crop up . If you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know as soon as possible, at least 2 hours, so that we can make the appointment time available to other patients. Patients who Fail to Attend (FTA) two or more appointments in a 30 day period will be sent a letter advising our Practice policy on FTA and the fees that will be applied if there are further DNAs. Subsequent attendance failures will be followed up with a further letter and the application of the Failure to Attend Fee.

The FTA Fee is not claimable through Medicare Australia and patients will not be able to make another appointment until the FTA fee has been paid in full.

Out of Surgery Visits

Our doctors do not routinely undertake home visits. A home visit may be arranged for some existing practice patients during normal practice hours if it is impossible to attend the surgery. Please discuss this with the nurse on duty. Please remember however, that house calls are time consuming and that doctors can usually see at least three patients in the surgery in the time taken to visit one at home.

Additional Fees & Charges

You are responsible for any fees and charges that arise from a test or referral requested on your behalf.

By agreeing to allow tests or referrals to specialists, you are consenting for your name, address, date of birth and current phone number to be provided for identification and billing purposes by the specialist.

Please enquire about any out-of-pocket expenses at the time of making your appointment with the provider of the requested test or referral.